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To all event suppliers and clients, please beware of an event coordinator named Kath Enaje-Tizon from The One Exclusive. She refused to pay our company's generator rental service for her event as agreed.

She initially contacted our company, for generator rental service during the wake of Typhoon Glenda, when there was no electricity at the venue. She even pleaded that we help her out to ensure that her client’s wedding pushes through without a hitch. We gave her our rate, emailed our quotation, and even a discounted rate in case electricity comes back on and the generator will not be used. She clearly agreed through text message and calls, and gave her go signal.

Our truck and crew went all the way to Laguna for the event. After our team arrived, electricity went back on. When this occurred she refused to pay us the agreed discounted rate in case electricity comes back up.

Please understand that we spent thousands on gas from Metro Manila all the way to Laguna, toll fees, and we will of course pay our crew out of town fees for their day’s work.

All of our generators were also fully booked that day and are in demand because of lack of electricity in the city, and we actually refused other clients for her event.

An agreed rental is a rental, and must always be paid for at the end of the day. And an agreement whether written or verbal, is an agreement. In this case, she even made both.

Even she admitted through an online post that we should tweak our quotation, to ensure we won’t be taken advantaged of (by people like her, we assume).

She acted in bad faith and has no word of honor. She has no qualms in tricking her fellow suppliers when she finds an opportunity to do so. “Nang-iisa kung makakalusot”, in short. Another fellow supplier in the industry confided in us that they were also tricked before by the same coordinator in a different event.

We have been in the business for more than 20 years. We have always been fair, and have helped in the wedding industry since 1999. If she had problems paying for the amount at the time she should have talked to us about it and we would have been understanding of her situation. Instead she refused to pay, had the gall to be arrogant about it, and even harassed our employees.

We would just like to share our personal and truthful experience with Kath Enaje - Tizon of The One Exclusive.  She “may” treat her clients well, but her fellow suppliers poorly.   Until now she hasn’t contacted us or paid the amount she owes us.

We will not be bullied, and we refuse to be taken advantaged of. We will take a stand and we are not afraid to say the truth.

Respect and reputation in this industry, and in any other industry is earned, and sadly it seems hers does not amount to much at all.

Just a cautionary tale if you’re thinking of working with this coordinator. Because we did, and look where that brought us. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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Kath Enaje - Tizon of The One Exclusive

A Supplier Review | July 22, 2014

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